From Chairmain Desk

Mount Litera Zee School is not just another school but a DREAM close to my heart. I am glad that our TRUST members supported me to make this DREAM come true.

The saying of Hazrat ALI (A.S)-" THE CHIEF GOAL OF KNOWLEDGE IS VIRTUE." That is goodness of character and based on this is our belief. Virtues are habits, that is, once they are acquired, they become characteristic of a person.

A person's character traits are not developed in isolation but within and by the communities to which he or she belongs. The communities are family , society, public and private associations and one important part is "SCHOOL" , which acts as a big platform to develop the virtues of a person.

Our school as community , encourages a child as he /she grows and mature to build virtue by continuous learning and practicing.

"Acting virtuous leads to happy and successful Life" and that is what we are committed to for each and every child in our school.