For the past 2 years, students of MLZS Delanpur,Ratlam, have been taking part in MUN events, earning the appreciation of one and all. Last year too, despite the event being virtual, on account of Covid-19 situations, MLZS Delanpur,Ratlam, students made their presence felt in the platform.
Sustaining the trend, this year, the students actively participated in the MUN event hosted by DPS, Bangalore North.

Mount Litera Zee School, Delanpur Ratlam
participated in it along with delegates of different countries representing Egypt,
Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
Botswana, Belgium, Brunci, Chad, Guinea, Indonesia , Jordan, Kuwait,
Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Mexico, Libya, Liberia,
Turkey, South Sudan, Sudan, Irish free state .
Under the committees below :-
1) United Nation Security Council
2) World Health Organisation
3) Social humanitarian and cultural committee
4) League of nation
5) All India political parties meet
6) Organisation of Islamic cooperation.
Participants:- around 36 students of grade VIII to XII participated in it with
great enthusiasm. It is a platform where they develop confidence,
leadership skills, research, public speaking, team work and negotiations.
Their efforts were appreciated by the DNMUN TEAM.