Teachers Training on Inclusive Education by Centre of Excellence, CBSE-Pune.


Inclusivity is a movement towards accepting difference and appreciating plurality in all the space of human social life. A workshop of CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME ON INCLUSIVE EDUCATION was hosted by Mount Litera Zee School, Ratlam on 11th-12th Nov 2017. It was conducted under the umbrella of Centre of Excellence, CBSE Pune. The two days training was attended by 49 teachers from Ratlam & other city & states.


Mrs. Ranjana Rajput Principal of Shree Narayan Central School Ahmadabad initiated the session with a discussion on various aspects of Inclusive Education and conducted various interesting activities for the trainees to make them feel how a special child feels & suffers. She also elaborated upon lesson planning, activities and methods of learning, techniques of reinforcement and classroom seating arrangement to cater special child’s need.

The resource person Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh elaborated about WHAT IS DISABILITY? & III terms of Disability

Ø Impairment

Ø Intellectual Disability

Ø Autism

To ensure that 3% reservation of persons with disabilities is done in all institutions receiving funds from Government , Under the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 covers 7 disabilities and it was Amendment on 19th April 2016 which covers 21 disabilities now. With this Mr. Ajit specified some other disabilities which was shared with teachers SLD (Specific Learning Disability Management Plan), Class Room Management, Multiple Ways to Engage Students. He discussed the challenges faced by teachers in managing the inclusive classroom. Through group activities various strategies to deal with various challenges were evolved and shared.  At the end of the session teachers got to know about the NATIONAL INSTITUTES all over India for Disabled people.


The training program was found very informative & beneficial for the students & teachers.