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Super Mom Activity

“A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take”

Mother’s day is a special day, for all children and mothers as, it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful.

Students of Mount Litera Zee School, Ratlam participated in Super Mom Activity an initiative by JK PAPER LTD. There was 100% participation.

The students were asked to think of all the amazing things his/her mother has done for his/her. The students expressed their love and appreciation to his/her mothers in form of letters. It was decorated with beautiful and expressive drawings to make it more impressive. The students were asked to deliver the precious envelop to their mothers on Mothers’ Day .

The activity ended with students’ active participation in sharing their thoughts in the form of small speeches and song for their mothers with the fellow students.