Investiture Ceremony (2019-20)


“ Leaders are not born but they are created, every child in school is making of a leader for tomorrow.

Let the world be proud of you because you are born to lead the world.”



On the 23rd July 19, the Students’ Council was invested duties for the academic session 2019-20. A solemn occasion commenced with the Council members marching with their flags held high, in synchronization with mighty music that replicated the aura of the ceremony.

The significant the occasion was graced by the presence of Chief Guest Ms Sherali Jain (SDM Ratlam) and the parents of elected members of the school council.


 A conscientious council of 15 members were meticulously screened through various rounds and chosen to make this special combination of students who have proved to be exceptional.

One by one, each member marched on the stage to be badged and sashed by the dignitaries. In each mind was instilled a sense of pride and respect for the school. 

After a sincere oath-taking ceremony conducted by respected Principal Mrs Vijaya Ravi, Council members marched proudly to their strongholds and took their places with their waving flags symbolizing their aspirations for their respective responsibilities.


The School Captain(2018-19) Vaibhav Balyan, gracefully delivered the official address as badge holder and share his experience as well as gave his wishes to the newly prefectural body. Each student of the school was instilled with a similar sense of pride and admiration for hearing his words of motivation.

 After a concluding vote of Thanks by newly elected School Captain- Raj Lodha and the National Anthem, the ceremony came to a glorious end with a huge round of applause resonating in the quadrangle.

In each eye was seen hope for a better, more successful tomorrow. The parents of the Council Members, too, were filled with pride at the sight of their children marching steadily towards being leaders of tomorrow.


The ceremony marked a new beginning. A new beginning of ideas and leadership that aspire to serve the institution.

The Mount Litera Zee School, Ratlam family hopes that the Student Council for the scholastic year 2019-20 witnesses the zenith of success and progress in its term.