IIMUN Ahmedabad

Our students participated in IIMUN(India's International Movement to United Nations)conference held in Ahmedabad from 17th Jan to 19 Jan' 2020. Team of 16 students from Grade 7,8,9 and 11 participated in the conference. They were the part of different committees of United Nations along with Lok Sabha and International Journalism Committee to discuss on the global issue like: Peace Keeping,Security, UN funding, Drug Control, Cyber Laws, Women right. The performance of students was above expectation and well appreciated by the organizers of Shanti Asiatic School Ahmedabad and IIMUN Team from Mumbai. Traptika Tank -our Head Girl received Silver medal for High Commendation in her committee.Our Head Boy won Bronze medal for special mention in GAP committee.Murtuza Pakawala won the title of "Verbal Mention".It was a great learning experience for the students.