Beyond Academics

At Mount Litera Zee Schools, we focus on co-scholastic activities for the all-round development of students. Our emerging student profile (ESP) put equal emphasis on knowledge, life skills and values. MLZS goes beyond academics to ensure that we provide students sufficient opportunities for achieving the ESP.

  • Sports

    Swami Vivekananda famously said, "Be strong, my young friends; that is my advice to you.You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the...

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    Sports | Beyond Academics
  • Field Trips

    Field trips are a popular activity for all students. No matter how old they are or where they are headed, kids love to explore new places with their...

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    Field Trips | Beyond Academics
  • Litera Clubs

    Mount Litera Zee School encourages students to participate in a wide-range of clubs in schools including clubs like Literary Club, Science, Technology,...

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    Litera Clubs | Beyond Academics
  • Mount Litera Olympiad

    The Mount Litera Olympiad is an inter-MLZS competition in which students from all MLZS participate to showcase their talent in various fields...

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    Mount Litera Olympiad | Beyond Academics
  • Events and Celebrations

    Mount Litera Zee Schools organise various events and celebrations throughout the year. The chief of them is the Annual Function...

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    Events and Celebrations | Beyond Academics